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THE DRAPE my new Shrinkets mold

I introduced The Drape mold set at to a limited group of 20 at Bead Fest Phili. 2017. Now they are available to everyone in the shrinkets shop. A new class utilizing the 2 set Drape Mold is also new in the Shrinkets shop and it is called The Tassel

I love The Drape mold as it forms a drape meaning the center of the bead has a dimple or I call this an "in and out mold" all my other molds are a single cup style shape or fluted flat shape as in the Fluted Spacer Bead Mold .So this mold is a rather special 2 set mold ( a large and small ) and thus used for your specialty projects of which The Tassel class is very special. As it also uses my new Gold shrinkets shrink plastic .

and uses the NEW Drape Mold

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