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Adult Shrink Jewelry Kits

Get Adult Shrink Jewelry Kits Here

There is an odd misnomer of sorts floating about that shrink jewelry is for kids. While it is true that shrink jewelry has become so popular that it has reached virtually every age bracket of jewelry fans, that doesn't mean there aren't adult shrink jewelry kits - because there are.

Welcome, and welcome to your home for adult shrink jewelry kits, courtesy of the creative mind of Julie Haymaker. From a vision for a shrink jewelry business that was as much about the artistic process as it was selling art, Julie Haymaker has become an established name with her line of shrink jewelry kits, including adult shrink jewelry kits. Yes, jewelry can be for those of many ages, but like our clothes, there are just some things that can wait.

Julie Haymaker invites you to browse, check out some tutorials, and explore the wonderful world of shrink jewelry. If you see something you like or would like to get more involved yourself, then please don't hesitate to contact Julie Haymaker for more help and information.

Don't worry, even our adult shrink jewelry kits won't offend your pre-teen, but they also won't fit them either. Thank you again for stopping by, and we look forward to helping you with all of your adult shrink jewelry kit or shrink jewelry needs.

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