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Creative Ideas To Display Your Jewelry

You’ve created beautiful jewelry and it is amazing. Now it’s time to display it. Creating eye-catching displays for retail stores, trade shows or to photograph for online sales is key to capturing your customers’ attention. Take a look at some ideas that are easy to create and could make a big impact on your future jewelry sales.

Old Newspapers: This is an eye-catching way to display watches and bracelets. Read all about it! Simply roll up newspapers into a tube-like shape. Slip the watches and bracelets over the paper tube and voilà! You’ve created an original way to showcase multiple pieces. This is great for photography!

Vintage Dinnerware: Get out Grandma’s old china or shop for vintage plates at your local thrift store. Select dishes that are mismatched. Teacups, saucers, soup bowls, and cake plates are perfect. Use the bowls as a stand for a plate to create height and dimension. Arrange multiple jewelry pieces like rings and brooches in single layers on the plates, and decoratively hang necklaces and other jewelry from the highest point to create an eye-catching display.

Egg-cellent Idea: This idea is particularly great for jewelry designers on the go. If you are traveling from trade show to trade show or doing trunk shows frequently, take advantage of your old egg cartons. Each spot where the egg once safely was stored is now an egg-cement spot for your jewelry. It not only travels well, but it also looks great! The best ones are the cardboard cartons because they have an earthy vibe and allow your colorful gems to pop.

Bottle it Up! Recycle, repurpose and reuse take center stage with this idea. Paint old wine bottles and empty taller jars in your favorite colors. Hang beads, bracelets and other jewelry from the bottle tops for an eye-catcher for sure. Display multiple bottles in groups for even more pizzazz and sales power.

Window Screens: This idea is like a breath of fresh air. An old vintage window screen is the perfect way to display earrings and lighter-weight jewelry. Simply use straight pins or fishing hooks to attach the earrings to the screen. This works for stick pins and brooches, too. Use Your imagination and add colorful price tags, sales copy, and a simple ribbon or two to draw attention.

Picture Frames: Picture frames double as amazingly creative jewelry displays. Cover the inside of the frame (where the picture would go) with fabric or poster board. Use Velcro or straight pins to decoratively attach different jewelry pieces and coordinating sets for a picture-perfect display.

Dresser Drawers: Take a drawer from a desk, dresser, or old kitchen cabinet and stand it up on the side. The bottom is now converted into a wall to hang jewelry on. Cover it with burlap fabric, for example so your jewelry colors will pop! The pull knobs are perfect for displaying bracelets and beads. Attach more hardware to the drawer to hang and display more.


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