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Shrinkets Wholesale and Teachers  Information 

*Brick and Mortar shops, E-Commerce websites, and Teachers catering to the makers market. 


Click on the email for the link to the wholesale page and to receive a PDF order form.

The minimum order is $175.00 ( does not include shipping )

 Fill out the order form sent to you by email and email it back to me. The form will also have your payment options. 

Pay Pal

Personal check

I will also bill you for the shipping and will inform you of that cost before I send you the final invoice. I use SHIPPO a discounted business rate shipping site.

Guide lines for Teachers

*Teachers are independent and book their own classes within their network and community etc. Julie is here to help teachers make this possible by offering wholesale pricing and gratuitous support.

*teachers will buy the wholesale classes from julie each time they teach the class. Modifying the design even a tad and calling it their own is not acceptable nor is renaming the class acceptable.

*Julie’s classes and kits are offered at wholesale prices for live teaching events ONLY. No internet teaching such as zoom etc. is allowed using her class kits. 

* I recommend that a six hour class be priced at a min of $90 -and up to  $185 if lunch and snacks are included .

*Classes and kits come with how-to videos. The teacher is expected to view the tutorial before teaching  and it is highly recommended that they make the class project as they view the video tutorial. So consider buying an extra kit for this purpose. 

* Online classes and kits are offered at 50 % off retail. You may view the offerings on the Shrinkets retail shop page. If you do not see a class that was offered in the past please contact me.

* I also asked that teacher give me credit for the class idea and state they are teaching  Shrinkets Julie haymaker class. This is called a Teaching Ambassador. Students will also be more comfortable knowing the teacher has my full support. 

*I highly recommend that teachers be well versed in creating Shrinkets art, It will help very much to watch all my free tutorials so you know how to guide your students assuring that both you and the students have a good experience. Watching all the tutorials is like attending Shrinkets University, and for FREE. 

*I also recommend that teachers buy wholesale Shrinkets products to resell at class time.This helps make the classes more lucrative and makes it easy for student to continue with the fun process.

*Julie’s Shrinkets Molds, Per Cuts templates, and shrink plastic can be used in any venue the teacher wishes such as internet classes. live venues etc.


Click on the email for the PDF order form and for further questions about teaching. I am here to help in any way I can to make Your Shrinkets experience  FUN! 

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