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Sleepy Saturdays

A time for everything . I have been on a creative roll, riding on my passions and the ideas just flying effortlessly . Then Saturday it hit me ….boom I was so drop dead tired that all I could think of was a mid day nap. I listened to my body and slept solid for 3 hours.

Then back in bed at 9 pm and a heavy sleep all night long.

Sunday morning I was off to Phoenix teaching at the SOUTHWEST GARDENER I felt fresh and alive . It was fun class filled with new jewelry makers.

I headed home and boom after dinner I feel back asleep and slept till 10 AM .

I am so lucky to live a flexible life style where I can let my biological clock be my guide.

Here are just a few images of my students work from Sundays class . Everyone brings their own design of patterns and color palette to the creative table.

Thanks Lynn and Amy for hosting me . If you live in the Phoenix area this is good Place for creative classes and gift shopping, The store features garden decor .

The Gals learned wire wrapping too . They used my easy Peasy wire wrapping tool and had no troubles at all.

Here is the link to purchase the tool and the "How too "on my free tutorials page. BUY NOW $12

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