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Facebook ?

My heartfelt look at Facebook and my thoughts on this social platform. I hope you will read and offer your comments .

Facebook’s purpose was to provide people a means of staying in touch without users having to utilize multiple resources in order to socialize.

The idea was if Facebook was used on a regular basis it would give users the ability to juggle many relationships with the goal of feeling socially full filled.

If this is a true analysis of Facebook’s purpose then even in its idyllic form it is a challenge for me.

First and foremost I am a visual person. I communicate best when I am able to see the individual with whom I am communicating. My ability to properly communicate depends on body language, eye contact and physical environment. Without those visual senses present I feel handicapped, as if I am in the dark with only words or voices . Think of only being able to listen to a film , a black screen (or still images) with only sound or subtitles. This is how I feel when using Facebook.

Next I am also a very intense person. The relationships that are dearest to me are ones that developed by sharing face to face and by “ Sharing each others stories “.

Daily trivia is not my style. And Daily trivia is what I see most of Facebook. Trivia does not socially fulfill me. Thus I lack the incentive to monitor Facebook on a regular basis.

Facebook truly requires LOTS of monitoring and scanning past trivial post in order to find the golden nugget of real content.

Worst of all I bore myself by spending time racking my brain trying to post something more then just my own daily trivia.

The real painful fact is we have learned in this past year that many users go to Facebook for their news. If the sugar coated trivia most users post is not unreal enough, how could users think the “news” they read on Facebook would be at all reliable.

We now are faced with the fact that Facebook users info has been misused by BOTH the Cambridge Analytica and the Russians to manipulate the users. This is a fact reported by many REAL news sources such as the New York Times, which reported that Mark Zuckerberg posted on his Facebook page the following response to the Cambridge Analytica Crisis.

“We have a responsibility to protect your data,” “and if we can’t then we don’t deserve to serve you.”

I am also told Facebook is vital to ones business. I have struggled with this concept. Why use the cover of a social network to push your business. This seems less then genuine, another moral struggle for me. I have yet to figure out how can one have a standalone business page on facebook without the personal home page.

So with all of this in mind, my response to, Mark Zuckerburg is you are right, I deserve better. I ask all of you who read this do you feel you deserve better?

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