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Spring Fling 

This online class ( Not live on zoom ) is accessed 24/ 7 on the website Vimeo. Once you purchase the class you will receive your kit in the mail and the password and link will be in the kit.


In this class, you will learn to use shrink plastic to create tiny flowers and leaf beads that are colored and designed with colored pencils. You will hand-stitch tiny beads, sequins, flowers, and leaf beads around the filagree background edge of the bezel that holds the hand-painted cabochon that is part of your kit. The cabochon is hand-made by Julie. The base is paper clay and the image is hand-painted on the surface. A  layer of epoxy resin coats the surface and keeps the cabochon surface protected. 


You may choose which design motif  you want for your cabochon 


Your kit comes with the following materials-

*Hand-painted cabochon in filigree setting 

*beads and sequins

* Fireline and needle 

*Template, link, and password 

* precut shrink plastic '

* hand-dyed silk ribbon

Items you need to provide 

* Shrinkets  silicone Domed Mold

* colored pencils 

* craft heat gun 

* E6000 glue 








Shrink plastic adult cabochon pendant online class and kit.

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