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10 sheets of ivory jewelry grade Shrinkets shrink plastic sheets . 

Sanded on one side, shiny on the other side.

Slightly transparent before shrinking. Opaque when shrunk down. 

8 x 10 1/2 inches 


For all crafts as well  -

Heat Shrink Plastic Sheets  shrink plastic sheets. thick Shrink Film Sheet. Shrinks to 50 % of its original size after heating, and you can cut freely according to your needs. These shrinky sheets are blank, one side frosted and the other glossy. 

Heat Shrink Film is Simple to Use: These heat shrink plastic sheets are easy to use for all craft skill levels. shrink Film Sheets Easy to create all sorts of cool crafts as you like. Use a heat gun to form beads using the Shrinkets Molds to Us ether Oven setting at 350 degrees on a baking sheet ,watch carefully  as they shrink when they are flat take them out of the oven and quickly press down with a flat object ( such as a book)  to even out any little bumps before it cools and  firms.  Recommended for children 5 years of age and older and adult supervision required during baking.

Shrink fun Paper Wide Applications: Using these Shrinky shrink film  sheets kit to make charms for mixed media ,and junk journaling , keychains, dog tags,  DIY pendants, earrings, ornaments, jewelry, buttons, gift tags, zipper pulls, bookmarks and ornaments, toys or anything you can imagine. Suitable for creating delicate and personalized accessories. Create all sorts of different  crafts and showcase your creativity. 


Shrinky shrink plastic Sheets are Sanded( on one side )  Shrink Plastic Sheets that offer opportunities for all ages to create, learn and explore.

10 sheets of ivory Shrinkets shrink plastic sheets

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