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Mixed Media and Shrinkets

December is my time to create, I do not make travel plans are schedule classes in Dec. So I can have much needed studio time. I find it hard it switch gears from marketing my creative business and turning that off in order to be purely creative. To switch the gears I spend a lot of down time down immersing my self in researching the many aspects of of our lives that stimulate the senses paying close attention to the trends in those areas - home design , clothing, film, writing, food, etc, Then the creative ideas begin to form, it is a great way i have find to stimulate the muse. Creativity cannot be forced but it can be stimulated and if one wants to live full time and earn using ones passion one also has to embrace that fact that life is based on the passing of time, and one has to find a way to best maximize the time one is given.

These wee sculptures are a combonation of 4 of my favorite meduims Papre Clay, Painting , wire work , and Shrinkets shrink plastic. all are small about 4 -5 inches .

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