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Welcome to the Shrinkets wholesale site

*Brick and Mortar shops

*E-Commerce websites


Wholesale  requirements:

*Brick and Mortar shops and E-Commerce websites catering to the makers market. 

*Teachers; offering classes that use  Shrinkets Molds and Shrinkets shrink plastic. Teachers may also inquire about teaching  Julie's online classes with premade kits. If they have the skill and experience.  It is wise to consider viewing all Julies' Free Tutorials and have worked with the product for a respectable amount of time in order to assure you students have and successful and enjoyable experience.  

Click on the email for the PDF order form and for further questions about teaching. I am here to help in any way I can to make Your Shrinkets experience  FUN!

The minimum first order is $175.00 ( does not include shipping ) 

Orders after the first order are a min of $75

Fill out the order form sent to you by email and email it back to me. The form will also have your payment options. 

Pay Pal

Personal check

I will also bill you for the shipping and will inform you of that cost before I send you the final invoice. I use SHIPPO a discounted business rate shipping site. 

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shrink plastic molds for making beads

Min purchase  of 4 sets  of molds  ( 4 molds to a set )

Wholesale -$110 

Retail -$220 


Product description -4 mold set includes 

* the  basic dome mold 

* the fluted spacer bead mold

* the bezel mold 

* the Star mold 

* instructions 

* template for bead making.  

*link to how to use the molds 

* 42  precuts ready to design beads shapes.-26 flower shapes, 16 leaf shapes.

Shrinkets ivory and white  shrink plastic

Min purchase  of 60 sheets   ( 30  white 30 ivory )

Wholesale -$24

Retail - .80 cents a sheet ($48)

Product Description 

Ivory and whites Shrinkets shrink plastic slightly transparent for tracing ability.,

8 1/4 x 11 1/2 sanded  on one side shiny on one  side  

black  shrink plastic

Min purchase  of 30 sheets 

Wholesale -$12

Retail - .80 cents a sheet ($240

Product Description 

Black Shrinkets shrink plastic 

8 1/4 x 11 1/2 sanded on one side and shiny on the other side. 

transparent shrink plastic pastel colors .jpg

Min. purchase 60 sheet collections

10 pink, 10 blue, 10 yellow, 10 green 

wholesale $45.00  

retail  $1.50 per sheet ( $90) 

Product Description 

Gem tones  Shrinkets shrink plastic. 

8 1/4 x 11 1/2

Sanded on one side, shiny on one side.. 

Transparent  pink, blue , yellow , green. 

gold and silver shrinkets shrink plastic julie haymaker .jpg

Min. Purchase 60 sheet collection

30 sheets gold, 30 sheets silver 

wholesale $2400  

retail .80 cents per sheet  

Product description

Gold and Silver  Shrinkets shrink plastic 

8 1/4 x 11 1/2 sanded on one side, shiny on one side. 


julie haymaker shrinkets

Min.Purchase 100  sheets 

Wholesale -$40.00

Retail -.80 cents per sheet  

Product Description

This is the basic most versatile jewelry grade shrink plastic.

8 1/4 x 11 1/2 Transparent, sanded on one side and shiny on the other side.   


Shrinkets teacher set
Shrinkets shrink plastic bead making molds moulds

Min order 3 sets 

Teachers Price -148.00

Teachers Set  Description  

Not intended for retail 

Three -Zap heat guns

Three -4 piece mold sets ( 3 dome's,3 star's, 3 spacer's, 3 bezel's)

Three-hand-forming sets ( 3 silicone bowls, 3woodblock3, 3heat protection  gloves .)


shrinkets pre cut bead shapes fore shrink plastic bead molds

Min Purchase 20 packaged sets ( 24 pieces to a package set )

Wholesale- $60  

Retail -$120 ( $6.00 per packages )


Product description 

24 piece precut Shrinkets shapes packaged set .

Packages include-

4 flower design, 6 of each design, 8 leaf /dagger design. 

Transparent -sanded on one side and shiny on one side. 

Shrinkets  shrink plastic beads

Min purchase 20 packaged sets   ( 24 pieces to a package )

 wholesale $60.00

retail -$120 ( $6.00 per packages )


Product Description

12 piece pre-cut Shrinkets shapes  

Marcia DeCoster designs 

Transparent -sanded on one side and shiny on one side.

shrinkets shrink plastic

Min Purchase  20  packaged sets (21 pieces to a package)

Wholesale -$60 

Retail -$120   ($6 per package) 


Product Description 

21 piece pre-cut Shrinkets shapes packaged set. 

13 flower design , 8 leaf /dagger designs.

Transparent -sanded on one side and  shiny on one side 

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