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A date with the road.

Saturday JUNE 2 My first BIG ROAD TRIP pulling Peanut, my tiny vintage trailer . MY new to me Tundra I bought this March is up for the task. It has been a long time saving for a truck that would pull Peanut and all my art supplies plus rigging out the truck bed to handle the storage for all my supplies as I also will be take my online shop on the road .It is now ready and I am so happy this day has arrived. I hope Scooty and Dixie enjoy the ride too.

BEAD and BUTTON SHOW I have dreamed of attending for years and the day has arrived .I will be selling and doing demos of my SHRINKETS molds, selling my online class and kit combos, offering my hand made bead wraps which I only sell at trades shows and I will also be offering other shrink plastic product like tools my shrink plastic etc... No I will not be offering live classes this year but maybe next year . The destination is the Milwaukee

I will keep you posted of my adventures on the road. .

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