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 2 oz spray  bottle  

Use this sheer shimmer sparkle to create gliiter effects on shrink plasitc. 

How to use .

*Design you r Shrinkets bead or shape using what ever meduim you prefer; pastels; color pencils, inks stamps  and stencils etc. 

*Now spritz lightly holding spray 12 inches away from art. 

*To dry the Spritz  use a heat gun BUT DO NOT HOLD THE GUN CLOSE TO THE SHRINK PLASTIC  as you do not  want to shrink your peice at this time you only want to    DRY THE SPRITZ  SURFACE . Hold the the heat gun about 8 - 12 inches away from the surface, heat until the  spray spritz  is dry . Now you may heat to shrink. 


Link to You Tube  how to video


sheer shimmer spritz sparkle

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