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This is an online class ( NOT ZOOM OR LIVE ) You will receive the ink and password in your kit and then you can access the class 24/ 7  The class is viewed on the website  VIMEO an exclusive add free website featuring HD videos. 

In this online class you will create a Shrinkets mermaid necklace  using  a handmade  cabochon face,  tiered layers of shrink plastic and bead work. Cold connections will be used for assembling. 

Pastels,  ink and stencils will be used  to color and designing  the Shrinkets beads. online and password will be in your kit along with the materaisl needed ot complete this project. 


Here is a list of tools You will  need to  supply;

*jewelry pliers set. round nose chain nose and wire cutters. 

*bead crimping pliers 

*Heat gun 

*Green and white Shrinkets Molds

Tail Flipping a Shrinkets online class

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