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Please  NOTE this is a specialty mold, it is not as verstial  it is more for mixed medai projects due to the  large domed shapes it creates.It is also not beginner mold. The silicone molds are recomened for beginners .It is HANDMADE /HANDCAST thus prone  to slight impefections and it is fragile due to being  made of  dental plaster  versues the silcone. It is guaranteed ,so email me for a replacement if it breaks. The Extra large domed mold is great for making embellishments for your mixed media, fiber arts, embroidery, and jewelry projects. It also works well to make round Shrinkets cabochons. When creating these(with the center hole ) you do not use the metal pin but align your bead manually and center after shrinking, placing the mold doming pin down on it to form.Please DO NOT PURCHASE IF YOU EXPECT THE PERFECTION OF THE SILICONE MOLDS !

Link to how to use the mold.


*Mold an pin  


* Instructions  

Extra large Shrinkets plaster domed mold.

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