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How we learn

Many of us look to other artist we admire for ideas. This is a normal part of the creative process. These artist we look too can be living or long gone.

In by gone days aspiring artist would become apprentice under a master artist. They would study for years under this master and copy the masters work until they had perfected the technique. It was also in this process that they where able to develope their own style . But the influence of the master work was always present in their future work.

In modern days those learning styles are no longer popular But we artist still look to others for inspiration.

While looking for new ways to develop the use of shrink plastic for jewelry bead work. I am inspired by many other jewelry designers work. All forms of mediums present a challenge for me to use the shrink plastic in the same manner . This weekend I looked to Stephanie Sersich for my inspiration. Stephanie is a lamp work bead arts and jewelry designer. Please visit her site to see her talents.

Stephanie Sersich

Instead of using lamp works beads I used the shrink plastic ,manipulating it to replicate her design .

It took several reworks assembling , changing size relationships etc. to get her look as lamp work beads are much heavier then shrink plastic bead . Thus while trying to replicate her design using my SHRINKETS shrink plastic and molds,I was able to develop new techniques and template patterns to use in future design of my own.

Using this style of learning can be a wonderful way to grow. One just needs to make sure they respect the original artist talents and art work. Giving credit is an important step in this process.

Next they must be sure that only the techniques they learned will be used in future projects they offer commercially .

I want to THANK Stephanie for creating such beautiful lamp work beads and jewelry design.

Stephanie Serich
Shrink plastic shrinkets julie haymaker

Shrink plastic shrinkets julie haymaker

Learning from Stephanie Serich

My replication in Shrink plastic.

Stephanie also has a design book you may purchase for sale on her Etsy site

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