This jig makes it so much easier to wire wrap Julie's unique wire forms she uses to create paper clip style wire wrapped decorative holders for many of her  Shrinkets shrink plastic pendants.  If you have taken one of her classes where you wire wrapped a form you will find this jig very helpful in holding down the thicker wire shapes Julie calls spines. The double clamps sandwich wire in place and holds secure between rubber. A "C"  clamp is included to secure the jig to a table. Everything is held in place so as you weave and wrap your wire form is held securely in place. 


see the how too video


Kit includes 

1 "C" clamp 

template for  3 wire wrap designs 

templates for metal and  shrink plastic insert forms 


Artwork jewelry images  show ideas as to how the wire wrapping forms were used and are for inspiration purposes.  However, the basic wireframe  templates used in these  pieces are included in the jig kit 

wire wrapping jig for Julie's unique wire wrapped froms