The Tassel online class and kit . The kit contains a link and password to Vimeo where you can view the classes at your leisure in step out format . Classes are available for viewing 24/7 with no end date.

The kit comes with all the materials you need to make the project . Such as beads ,chain, bead caps , wire ,fiber andShrinkets craft jewelry grade shrink plastic film shrink plastic .

The tools you need to provide-

The Drape mold Shrinkets mold ..



1/8 inch hole punch

permeant gray or black ink pad or of your choice

decorative ink stamp or of your choice




All of my online classes are BEST  viewed on a lap top or desk top . Each is loaded  in  

Maximum HD version. Older I pads  and  smart phones can often cause the videos to  not appear or load  improperly. If you experience  loading issues when using smaller devices try a different larger  device . If you do not have a lap  top or desk top computer  but have   a smart TV you can  view using the  internet  mode.

The Tassel online shrinkets shrink plastic necklace kit & class julie haymaker