This class will teach you how to use the color wheel as an easy guide to create beautifully  colored Shrinkets beads . The class  guides  you in selecting PRISMACOLOR brand colored pencils  to create your own color wheel in values and hues. The class then shows you how to use  a family  of 3  colors and  thier compliments to pair together for a  beautful color scheme.  This class is jsut aobut creating color but will also  fomr teh beads in teh final step using the   SHRINKETS molds.  

Kit Contents

* Comes with 21 pre cuts ready to design beads shapes

*13 flower bead shapes* 8 leaf beads 

* Template to create you own color wheel 

* Link and password to online class in HD availbe 24/7

What you need to  supply

Prismacolor brand pencils 

( I recomend buying at DICKBLICK.COM for the  best price) 

Permeant red.   / Pink.             

Process red / Hot Pink             

Violet   /  Blue Violet Lake 

Blue Violet /  Lilac

Cerulean Blue / Light Sky Blue

Aquamarine  /  Light Agua

Grass Green /. Spring Green

Apple  Green /  Chartreuse 

Canary Yellow / Deco Yellow 

Orange /  Jasmine 

Yellowed Orange / Peach  or Faber - Castel glazed orange 

Pale Vermillion  / Salmon Pink 

Black, Cream , 30% Cool Grey, 30% Warm Grey 

30% French Grey, Dark Brown, Brunt Ochre , bronze


Shrinkets and the Color Wheel online class