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This class will teach you how to use the color wheel as an easy guide to create beautifully colored Shrinkets beads. The class guides you in selecting PRISMACOLOR brand colored pencils to create your own color wheel in values and hues. The class then shows you how to use a family of 3  colors and their compliments to pair together for a beautiful color scheme.  This class is just about creating color but will also form the beads in the final step using the  SHRINKETS molds.  

Kit Contents

* Comes with 21 pre cuts ready to design beads shapes

*13 flower bead shapes* 8 leaf beads 

* Template to create your own color wheel 

* Link and password to online class in HD available 24/7

What you need to  supply

Prismacolor brand pencils 

( I recommend buying at DICKBLICK.COM for the  best price) 

Permeant red.   / Pink.             

Process red / Hot Pink             

Violet   /  Blue Violet Lake 

Blue Violet /  Lilac

Cerulean Blue / Light Sky Blue

Aquamarine  /  Light Agua

Grass Green /. Spring Green

Apple  Green /  Chartreuse 

Canary Yellow / Deco Yellow 

Orange /  Jasmine 

Yellowed Orange / Peach or Faber - Castel glazed orange 

Pale Vermillion  / Salmon Pink 

Black, Cream( Iovry), 30% Cool Grey, 30% Warm Grey 

30% French Grey, Dark Brown, Brunt Ochre, bronze


Online shrink plastic color class Shrinkets and the Color Wheel

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