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Pale Vines

 A 6-hour Shrinkets jewelry class.

Learn to color beads using pastels and then form with the shrinkets Molds. Create a central pendant using a four-way bead. Simple bead stinging will be used to assemble .


Contact Piecemakers shop to sign up and for further details. 


Mermaid  by  julie haymaker
Mermaid  by julie haymaker

King Neptune's Daughter 

A 7 hour mixed media doll class. In this class, students will create a mixed media folk art mermaid wall hanging doll.  

The mermaid is created using one of Julie's half doll forms. ; a wooden bell body, paper clay arms, and a pre-made hand-cast plaster doll head. The head body and arms will be designed using acrylic paints pencils and mica powders. Embellishment will be added along with a paper glitter crown created.

Julie will demo how to make simple paper clay embellishments such as a crow and rolled paper clay arms. The doll head is one Julie sells on her Etsy site. So, students, my buy them there if they wish to in the future. Julie will also bring in doll heads and body parts to purchase.

The class will include a link to painting the doll head. This is a useful technique reminder if students wish to create future doll heads using the techniques they learned in class.

The tail will be is made of hand-wrapped wire and is attached to the wooden body. 

The tail is done in a cage basket style and so offers the opportunity to be filled with the beach combings  Student can keep this in mind as they create the tail and fill at a later s date or if they have time in class.  So they may want to bring a collection to class. The objects should be about  1 - 1 1/2.” in size. 

If they wish to just add beads to the wire  as they wrap selection n will be in their class kit.  This option is shown in the sample. 

Contact Piecemakers shop to sign up and for further details. 


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