April 23, 2018

A time for everything . I have been on a creative roll, riding on my passions and the ideas just flying  effortlessly . Then Saturday  it  hit me ….boom I was so drop dead tired that all I could think of was a  mid day nap. I  listened to my body  and slept solid  for 3 hours.

Then back in bed  at 9 pm and a heavy sleep all night long. 

Sunday  morning  I was off to Phoenix  teaching at the SOUTHWEST GARDENER  I felt fresh  and alive . It was  fun class filled with new jewelry  makers. 

I headed home and boom   after dinner I feel back asleep and slept till 10 AM  .

I am so lucky to live a flexible  life style  where I can let  my biological clock be my guide. 

Here  are just a few images of my students work from  Sundays class . Everyone brings  their own design of patterns  and color palette to the creative table.

Thanks Lynn and Amy for hosting me .  If you live in the Phoenix area this is...

April 18, 2018

What  motivates,  drives and rules  me  is  my passion. 

Finally in my oder age I have learned how to  maintain a healthy balance  while allowing my  passions to be my central  focus.   

How I maintain my personal  harmony  is to be very careful to set a few guidelines  ( rules ) in order to  insure  my  passions  do not  over take everything  and thus turn into living an  unhealthy and unbalanced life.

 Here are the 3  simple  rules  I live by -

1-The passion has to  bring me joy in the moment AND create GOOD  memories.  That rules out a lot of poor impulsive choice making . 

2 - Do FIRST THINGS FIRST  - Most of  my "first"   are doing the  basics of what a  person  needs to  do in  order to live a healthy life such as  earning  a living, paying bills, keeping things  clean, eating  well, and  exercising   etc......

April 8, 2018

Many of us  look to other artist  we admire for ideas. This is a   normal part of the  creative process. These artist we look  too  can be living or long gone.

In by gone  days aspiring  artist would become apprentice  under a master artist.  They would study for years  under this  master  and  copy the  masters work  until they had perfected the technique. It was  also in this process that they where able to  develope their own style . But the influence  of the  master work  was always  present in their future work. 

In modern days those learning styles are no longer popular  But we artist  still look to others for inspiration.  

While looking for new ways to develop  the use of shrink plastic for jewelry  bea...

April 2, 2018

Last year I taught at  PAPER CROWNa Paper Arts store  in Oklahoma City owned by  Cindy Woods .

Cindy will be moving to WACO TEXAS this spring and hopefully opening a new shop soon .  I will try to keep you posted  of her progress. 

The gals that  support Cindy and her  DARLING creative shop will miss this unique shopping experience. I hope all will take many  road trips to Waco . 

Paper Crowns superstar  flagship teachers is

                                              JACKIE PETERS

 Jackie is one of the most talented  decorative whimsy  artist  I have ever meet. She has such an eye for design, pattern, color and texture and trends . Every thing she creates is  pure magic . Booklets, journals, cards , paper sculpture, fiber arts , mixed media . etc......

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