March 30, 2018

I LOVE PINK. every women looks good in PINK yet I think we shy away from it in the fear we will appear weak . Well embrace it GIRLS but wear the right shade for your skin tone. Warm skin tones need coral pinks. Cool skin tones need ice pinks

 Cool pinks 

 Warm pinks 

 Pretty in Pink - I  used  colored pencils on the shrinkets  opulent ivory and gold shrink plastic , hand formed leaves,  the bezel mold  to make the  flowers and  a template form my new medallion templates. I also   utilized wire wrapping with steel annealed wire . 

March 25, 2018

First it starts  with an idea in my head . This mainly comes at night while trying to drift off to sleep . If it is truly an  amazing dream night I will dream an  idea !!!

The next process is sketching the ideas down . I love tracing paper for this  but will grab anything  within  in reach, it usually  is copy paper .  Tracing paper has become   so expensive  these days . I wish I kept my sketches  and made awesome personal journal ,  but sadly I   do not  .... my sketches end up in the trash and many ideas  lost with  them ... AHH such is life ...a  new idea like an appetite is right around the corner . 


 tiny frames 

tiny easels  

Wee shrink plastic works of art.  


Part  of the  project at  my Keystone Art Retreat July 2018 . I am teaching the  SHRINKETS SAMPLER

March 22, 2018

My heartfelt look at Facebook and my thoughts on this  social platform. I hope you will read and offer your comments .

Facebook’s purpose was to provide people a means of staying in touch without users having to utilize multiple resources in order to socialize.

 The idea was if Facebook was used on a regular basis it would give users the ability to juggle many relationships with the goal of feeling socially full filled.

If this is a true analysis of Facebook’s purpose then even in its idyllic form it is a challenge for  me.

First and foremost I am a visual person. I communicate   best when I am able to see the individual with whom I am communicating. My ability to properly communicate depends on body language, eye contact and physical environment. Without those  visual senses present I feel handicapped, as if I am in the dark with only words or voices . Think of only being able to listen to a film ,  a black screen (or still images) with only sound or subtitles. This is how I feel  wh...

March 15, 2018

How to calculate  finished shrunk  shrink plastic  for Shrinkets bead and other designs.

March 6, 2018

The fun part about  vending at  bead shows is meeting other vendors . Todays post features ECHO ARTWORKS   which sells vintage 1940-  1960 jewelry making findings  and beads .  They just don't  make them like this any more . 

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