January 25, 2020

The new large Shrinkets  dome  mold  is great for creating shrink plastic focal  beads  for pendants. It has a plaster  base, steel glide pin and wooden doming pin and comes  guaranteed . View the video to see how to use the mold. 

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How i used the mold for creating the large green focal bead . I used  the fluted spacer  bead mold to  create the bead that is stacked on top  of he  green bead  in this piece i call Electric Rain.

January 7, 2020

I struggled with this piece . I had first created the pewter wrapped bird using the hand carved ready to decorate birds I sell in my Etsy store . I wanted something unique yet simple and wanted to use my favorite techniques. Paper clay for the leaves , dry brush painting on the leaves, wooden pear and wheel base , wire work for some of the leaves and a wee bit of shrink plastic on the domed portion of the hat . A Pewter Bird in a Pear Tree . 

 Ready to decorate hadn carved wood birds for slae in my ETSY shop 

Link to purchase  $8.50 

December 31, 2019

December is my time to   create, I do not make travel plans  are schedule classes  in Dec. So I can have much needed   studio time. I find it hard  it switch gears from   marketing  my creative  business  and turning  that off in order to be  purely creative.  To switch the gears I spend    a lot of down time down   immersing  my self in  researching   the many aspects   of  of our lives  that stimulate  the  senses  paying close attention to  the  trends in those areas - home design , clothing, film, writing, food, etc,   Then the creative ideas begin to form, it  is a great way i have find to stimulate the muse. Creativity   cannot   be forced   but  it  can be stimulated and if one wants  to live full time  and earn  using ones passion one also has to embrace that fact that  life is based on the passing of time, and  one has to  find a way to best   maximize  the time one is given....

June 2, 2019

Just added to the Shrinkets shop .

My new Shrinkets Cabochon Mold Set and my new online class Botanical Whimsy using the Cabochons mold. 

New Shrinkets Cabochon Mold set 

Buy Now 36.00 

 New Online  Class- Botanical Whimsy  (Uses the cabochon mold )

Buy now $65 

February 1, 2019

Join me for heart beating  fun.  Learn simple wire wrapping techniques forming  a heart shape  frame where the  Shrinkets  shrink plastic  heart you will make will seem to float in the center. 

class and kit $22.00 ( plus shipping )

 Click HERE to purchase $22 plus shipping .


January 30, 2019

I just added precut shrinkets  beads to the Shrinkets shop. these are cut using the Shrinkets shrink plastic film sanded on one  side and shiny on the other .  Many of you say you  do not like  the process of  cutting out so here is the solution. Each pack has 10 precut flower design (5 pairs ) in my favorite shape and size  They are all ready to design and shrink using the Shrinkets molds  and   your favorite mediums. Remember when designing to use  lighter colors  as color will intensify 50 percent .I like to think in terms of using bright pastels.

Precut Shrinkets shrink plastic flower bead shapes. 


January 13, 2019

I finally created a piece using matt black shrinkets shrink plastic . I sanded the shiny side of the Shrinkets shrink plastic and sprayed it with a light coat using Rustoleum's chalk board  spray  paint. 

January 4, 2019

Celebrate the New Year with me  creating this fun and easy SHRINKETS necklace made  using   shrink plastic 

You can buy the....


or just the


December 28, 2018

GRANDMA'S COOKIES I just added a new class to my online shop class line up . It is called  Grandma's Cookies  after my favorite cookies my Grandma  made . Butter-horn cookies   so perfect for dipping in hot steaming coffee. These cookies  are rolled up like tiny crescent  rolls and so I create beads and a color themed necklace  that mimicked the look  and style of her cookies . I have added a bit of  a plum color theme to the necklace .  This is the prefect necklace to create for your winter wardrobe in lovely  shades of whites, ivory , plums, blacks and grays and a variety  of metal colors tool . 


 Regular price 85.00 

on sale for 



I also included the recipe  so make the cookies to  nibble on whiel you create the necklace . 


yield:  48 COOKIES

prep time:  25 MINUTES

cook time:  15 MINUTES


November 24, 2018

Oh so fun... oh so cute . Holiday layered tag style charms class. Use these sweet charms  for gift tags, tree ornament , wee hand made gift exchanges, stocking stuffers , dinner place cards, wine charms , jewelry , card making etc.  

In the class  will be taken through the processing of coloring these charms  using colored pencils  and learn   some of  Julie's illustration  trade secrets  creating simple  drawings that really stand out . The background tags will be desgined   using stamp and inks. All will be  layered together in a floating style assemblage . 

Order the class in two options

Class and kit combo- $40   

Class and template only - $15 

November 11, 2018

New to the Shrinkets shop,   gold and silver shrink plastic . It is used just like my  Shrinkets sanded and smooth shrink plastic.One side is sanded or frosted and one side is shiny . The frosted/sanded  side  works best for showing off the glisten and sparkle  effect and being  sanded  you can use  many different  types of mediums  on the surface. 

Go to me Free Tutorials page to watch how to use the gold and silver shrinkets shrink plastic. 

To purchase click here ...


 Gold and silver shrinkets plastic 

 The gold is used on this online class

The Tassel .

September 23, 2018

I introduced The Drape mold set at to a  limited group  of 20 at Bead Fest Phili.  2017. Now they are available  to everyone in the shrinkets shop. A new class utilizing  the 2 set Drape Mold  is also new in the Shrinkets shop  and it is called The Tassel 

I love The Drape mold as it  forms  a drape meaning  the center of the  bead  has a dimple  or I call this an "in and out mold" all my other molds are a single  cup style shape or  fluted  flat  shape as in the Fluted Spacer Bead Mold .So this mold is a rather special  2  set   mold ( a large and small  )   and thus used for your  specialty projects  of which The Tassel class is very special. As it also uses my new Gold shrinkets shrink plastic . 

New The Drape 2 set mold $18.00

The Tassel NEW online class $70.00

and uses the NEW Drape Mold 

July 13, 2018

Last month I spent 3 days  in Southern  CA   and learned  some fun new skills from master  polymer clay  artist Laurie Mika .  I  have been in love with her work for years . She is simply my favorite Polymer  clay artist in the WHOLE  world .

If you are not familiar with Laurie's work, she is a premier polymer clay artist who  works in a mosaic style .

Her work is heavily influenced  by the  travels  she takes with  her husband and history teacher, David . Both Laurie  and David are are the kindest and most loving of host.  

One of the techniques Laurie taught me was  how to emboss polymer clay using rubber  stamps. 

Well once back home I instantly had to tryembossing my Shrinkets Shrink plastic using rubber stamps too.   So here is the  video I shot on how to do this yourself. 

Oh and Shrinket...

May 31, 2018

Saturday JUNE 2 My first BIG  ROAD TRIP pulling Peanut, my tiny vintage trailer  . MY  new to me Tundra I bought this March  is up for the task.  It has been a long time   saving for  a truck that would  pull Peanut and all my art supplies plus rigging  out the  truck  bed  to handle the storage for all my supplies as I also will be take my online shop on the  road .It is now    ready and I am so happy this  day has arrived.  I hope Scooty and Dixie enjoy the ride too.  

BEAD and BUTTON SHOW  I have dreamed of  attending  for years and the  day has arrived .I will be  selling and doing demos  of my SHRINKETS molds, selling my online class and kit combos, offering my hand made bead wraps  which I only sell at trades shows and I will also  be offering other shrink plastic product like tools my shrink  plastic etc...  No I will not be offering  live c...

April 23, 2018

A time for everything . I have been on a creative roll, riding on my passions and the ideas just flying  effortlessly . Then Saturday  it  hit me ….boom I was so drop dead tired that all I could think of was a  mid day nap. I  listened to my body  and slept solid  for 3 hours.

Then back in bed  at 9 pm and a heavy sleep all night long. 

Sunday  morning  I was off to Phoenix  teaching at the SOUTHWEST GARDENER  I felt fresh  and alive . It was  fun class filled with new jewelry  makers. 

I headed home and boom   after dinner I feel back asleep and slept till 10 AM  .

I am so lucky to live a flexible  life style  where I can let  my biological clock be my guide. 

Here  are just a few images of my students work from  Sundays class . Everyone brings  their own design of patterns  and color palette to the creative table.

Thanks Lynn and Amy for hosting me .  If you live in the Phoenix area this is...

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